Eye Wash Information

You only have two eyes - take care of them!

Sight is one of our most important senses. If an accident occurs, a few seconds may determine whether you lose your sight or not. Rapid access to eye wash is therefore decisive at all workplaces where there is a risk of eye injury.

This applies not least to injuries caused by acids or alkaline substances caustic burning begins as soon as the substance comes into contact with the eye.

But time is also important in connection with injuries caused by metal and wood chips, dust and dirt, for example. In these situations using eye wash immediately can prevent foreign bodies from sticking to the eye and causing serious injury.

Through the establishment of a tailored eye wash solution at the workplace a decisive effort can be done to prevent serious eye damages.

For optimal safety where there is a risk of eye injury the eye-rinse facilities must be:

                                          1. Instantly accessible
                                          2. Quick to apply
                                          3. Effective without causing futher injury

We can offer you a wide range of eye wash solutions. Small and big stations for wall-mounting directly at workplaces. Or small mobile solutions to put into vehicles, the toolbox and first-aid box, or in a special belt bag. It will always be possible to find a solution that gives you easy access to eye wash.

Our system is developed to make is easy for you to rinse the eye. Two simple movements and the bottle is ready for use. The ergonomic eye cup ensures easy direct rinsing and leads the fluid away
from the eye after rinsing. 


In connection with injuries of all kinds the fluid must come into contact with the eye in a gentle,  
even flow. Press the bottle lightly witout squeezing it.

Always seek medical help and continue rinsing during transport.

All our eye wash products are of course CE labelled in accordance with the regulations for medical equipment and they are sterile so the eye will not be infected with germs during rinsing.

In our product specifications you will find information about the technical and functional aspects of our eye wash bottles.In addition to a general product description it contains useful information about the area of application, use and handling as well as the advantages of using these products.