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NZ Built Safety Harnesses QSI Harnesses: Built in NZ & Tested to AS/NZS 1891.1. From $91.90 + gst, height safety harness, fall arrest harness, miller harness, sala harness
Our Full Body Harness range has an innovative clamshell design allowing the user full adjustment on the chest, legs and position of the Dorsal D-Ring. This means they fit more users, more comfortably. The standard harness will fit from a medium to a 2XL sized worker. The webbing to adjustment relationship is critical to happy users, as well as the ease of donning the harness. With this in mind our harness has been designed to be what the workforce is looking for. In the event of a fall, the durable polyester webbing in our design evenly distributes the impact over the thighs, torso and buttock region. Polyester is known for being wear resistant and non-stretch when compared to other materials, so the harness does not stretch dangerously out of shape when subjected to a fall and the wearer does not risk slipping out of the harness.
All QSI products conform to AS/NZS 1891 which includes our EN compliant products which are fully approved under AS/NZS 1891.
In today’s market we understand the need to maximise ever dollar and we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.


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Full Body Harness, with extras
Model: SBE5-rig
Full Body Harness with Padded Waist Belt, D-Rings, Confined Space Loops & Restraint Points ..
$399.00$362.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $416.30
Full Body Harness, with extras
Model: SBE7
The SBE7 has been developed in conjunction with the construction industry. The shoulder paddi..
$367.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $422.05
Full Body KEVLAR Harness
Our standard full body harness made with Kevlar Webbing.  Includes Quick Release Buc..
$551.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $633.65
G&B Harness / Padded Waist
Model: SBE5GB
The ultimate QSI Full Body Harness just got better. The SBE5GB takes all the great features ..
$362.00$362.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $416.30
Glove & Barrier Harness with CSL
Model: SBE3GB
This harness takes all the great features of the QSI Full Body Basic harness and add Glove and Ba..
$224.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $257.60
Multi Task Harness
Model: SBEMT
The QSI SBEMT Technical Rope Rescue Harness is an innovative design allowing the user full adjust..
$364.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $418.60
Multi Task Pole Kit
This kit contains two basic items in a Canvas Duffle Bag. A QSI SBEMT Technical Suspension Harnes..
$524.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $602.60
Tower Harness
Model: SBETH
The QSI Tower Harness takes height safety to a whole new level. Specially designed for electrical..
$641.00$523.80 + gst
Inc. Gst: $602.37
Tradesmans Rescue Harness
Model: Z35R
EN 361, AS/NZS 1891.1:2007, CE. NEW PRODUCT! Zero Trademans Rescue Harness is the perfect Fal..
$272.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $312.80