On-The-Go, Temporary Roof Anchor

On-The-Go, Temporary Roof Anchor
On-The-Go, Temporary Roof Anchor On-The-Go, Temporary Roof Anchor On-The-Go, Temporary Roof Anchor
Brand: Sala
Product Code: AZ-200
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  • Single person fall arrest/restraint temporary roof anchor for use on a variety of selected metal roof sheeting, ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Provides a safe, cost effective, heavy duty, 15kN fall arrest rated anchor point for metal roof applications when installed on an adequate roof structure.
  • A portable and re-usable anchor that can be easily removed and re-installed in a new location for added jobsite flexibility and lower overall cost of ownership.
  • Designed for use on roofs constructed with metal roof sheeting with a minimum BMT (base metal thickness) of 0.42mm in the following profiles: Custom Orb, Trimdek, Spandek and Klip-Lok 406 & Klip-Lok 700
  • Large eye allows for easy attachment of fall arrest system.
  • Easy-Grip locking cam levers, provides fast and easy tool-less installation and removal, the anchor is simply fitted directly to the roof sheeting.
  • High-Vis yellow powder coated anchor for easy identification, provides added visual safety and security from below that worker is connected.
  • Re-positionable locking cams ensure a perfect fit on a variety of metal roof sheeting
  • Versatile instruction label with room for recording inspection dates
  • Rubber end cap provides protection for roof sheeting
  • Pre-drilled location point for optional retrofit i-Safe tag
  • Supplied with comprehensive installation and operating instruction manual
  • Complies with AS/NZS 1891.4 requirements for fall arrest rated anchorages

Installs in 3 easy steps, no tools required:

1. Slide the bottom angle iron under the roof sheeting, with the main post resting in the pan

2. Securely push the locking cams down onto the roof sheeting to lock the anchor in place

3. Fit rope fall arrest system to the anchorage eye and throw rope line over the other side of the roof


  • Weight (approx): 3.35kg
  • Component Base Material: Steel
  • Hardware Finish: Cadmium zinc coated
  • Anchor Finish: Powder coat
  • Capacity: Single person use
  • Minimum Breaking Strength: 15kN
  • Standards: AS/NZS 1891.4
Information Sheet              Installation Guidelines
Recommended for use as follows for quick, safe and full roof coverage for metal roof situations;
  1. Temporary Roof Anchor on the Go- fit to end of roofing iron and attach rope; throw rope to opposite side of roof
  2. Access the roof with a rope grab on the rope,  climb to the ridgeline and install a Templink Anchor along the ridge (Templink is a 360 degree anchor) Clip the rope into the Templink anchor which has become the primary anchor point.
  3. For access out to gable ends or for long reaches where there is risk of a pendulum swing/fall, use the Zero Tether Plate as a diversionary anchorage, and just slip a carabiner thru the Tether plate which greatly reduces risk.

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