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This standard explains the use of hi-visibility fabrics and retroreflective materials.  It specifies the chromaticity levels to which fabrics need to be dyed in terms of performance and atmospheric pressures in order to comply to the standard. Natural fibre garments have a lower chromaticity level due to the nature of the fabric.

Class F = Daytime fluorescent  /  Class R = Retroreflective material
Class RF = Retroreflective and fluorescent  /  Class NF = High daytime visibility NON Fluorescent

This standard refers to how a garment is constructed using fabrics compliant to 1906.4 above. There should be no less then 0.2m2 of unbroken hi visibility fabric on both the front and back of any garment that covers the upper torso. High visibility fabric must not be broken with non compliant fabric within the 0.2m2 area from the top of the shoulders to the waist, so no full side panels at armpit level are permitted. This standard also explains the position of the retroreflective tapes on the garment, the width and quantity used. These tapes should not detract from the 0.2m2 measurement required.
Class D = Daytime use  /  Class N = Night time use using retroreflective material  /  Class D/N = Day/night use

This standard refers to the capability of a fabric to protect skin against solar ultra violet radiation (known as UPF = ultra violet protection factor). This standard is an additional bonus to the garment rather than an essential requirement for hi-visibility standards but often specified from specific industry users.

Hi Vis vs Hi Vis
To most people, a safety garment is a safety garment. Orange or yellow, big or small, it’s all the same. Not all Hi Vis safety garments sold in the market today comply to the latest Australian and New Zealand safety regulation for Hi Visibility garments 4602.1.2011. Below are a few common examples of garments that would not pass the current 4062.1 2011 AU/NZ standard.

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