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Disposable Clothing

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Bouffant Cap 53cm (1000) Blue
Model: BFC010
Disposable caps for covering hair.  Used throughout the food processing, dairy, fr..
$145.45 + gst
Inc. Gst: $167.27
Crimp Cap 50cm,(1000)
Model: BFCC
Disposable caps for covering hair.  Size: 50cm Used throughout the food proc..
$145.45 + gst
Inc. Gst: $167.27
PE Apron (1000)
Model: AP019
Blue or White disposable PE aprons. Lightweight, waterproof, cost effective. 25GS..
$268.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $308.20
PE Sleeveless Poncho (250)
Model: PS002
Clear OR White sleeveless, knee length poncho made from waterproof polyethylene. One si..
$139.40 + gst
Inc. Gst: $160.31
Wall Mounted Apron Dispenser **END OF LINE**
Model: AP019-DISP
Clear plastic wall mounting bracket for apron boxes. Improve efficiency by having apron..
$25.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $28.75