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Chemical Resistant

Keep the following guidelines in mind when handling chemicals:
• Prior to working with a chemical, always review the MSDS
• Do not work alone with chemicals. If you must work alone, you must notify someone as to where you will be and when
• Use required personal protective equipment (PPE). Eye protection is always appropriate
• Always use chemicals with adequate ventilation or in a chemical fume hood. Refer to the MSDS and the Standard Operating Procedure to determine what type of ventilation is needed
• Keep your hands and face clean. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling any chemical and whenever you leave the work area.
• Keep eyewash stations and safety showers, fire extinguishers, fire alarm stations and exits clear at all times
• Never eat, drink, apply cosmetics or wear open shoes in a chemical handling environment
• Remove PPE, including gloves before entering common areas
• Chemical and blood spill kits must be readily available
• Do not store food in refrigerators used for chemicals
• Ensure chemicals are properly labelled
• Do not use equipment unless you have been properly instructed

450mm Nitrile Chemical Glove

Model: RNU22
$27.15 + Gst  $31.22 Including GST

Black Knight Latex Glove

Model: BK
$28.00 + Gst  $32.20 Including GST

Black Neoprene Glove

Black Neoprene Glove

Model: NEO
$9.45 + Gst  $10.87 Including GST

Heveaprene Chemical Glove

Heveaprene Chemical Glove

Model: NEOYB
$4.45 + Gst  $5.12 Including GST

Nitrile Chemical Glove

Nitrile Chemical Glove

Model: RNF15
$4.15 + Gst  $4.77 Including GST

ProChem Nitrile/PU Glove

Model: NPUPC
$22.20 + Gst  $25.53 Including GST

PVC 270mm Double Dipped

Model: B661005-270
$4.50 + Gst  $5.18 Including GST

PVC 270mm Red Gauntlets,
Pack of 12

Model: B661002-270
$2.65 + Gst  $3.05 Including GST

PVC 450mm Double Dipped

Model: B661005-450
$6.60 + Gst  $7.59 Including GST

PVC 450mm Red Gauntlets

Model: B661002-450
$4.35 + Gst  $5.00 Including GST