About Us

Work Safety can satisfy almost all your on-site safety requirements. We offer a Price Guarantee - so you will not purchase the same item cheaper elsewhere.

Work Safety aims to provide only select safety products that are not only of exceptional standard but are reasonably priced. We will attempt to keep the range concise, relevant and current. The last thing you want to do is trawl through 5 brands of latex powder free gloves and 15 styles of work boots. Based on our market research we will attempt to bring the most cost effective products to your screen to simplify your ordering process.

Our business model is simple. Work Safety does not employ sales representatives and we do not operate a physical store for you to view product. Therefore we can offer product at a much cheaper price than our competitors (view our price guarantee). That said, if you have any doubts we can discuss your exact requirements with you and send product samples for your approval.

Feedback is very important to us. Not only feedback about our service but more importantly product reviews. So please take a few minutes to place a review to let us and subsequent purchasers know the pros and cons of products on the site.

Work Safety works along side our safety equipment manufacturers and importers, so any specialised questions or assistance can be made available to you. Furthermore, specialised equipment that is not offered on the site can usually be sourced from NZ or overseas.

Work Safety always has someone at the computer and telephone, so please email us or call 0800 37 37 76 to discuss your safety requirements. We hope you have a positive experience ordering from us and I personally look forward to dealing with you in the future. 


Kind Regards,


Gary Armstrong