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Lens Cleaning

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Hygienic Cleaning Wipes
Model: B331005
For use on respirators, earmuffs SCBA, hard hat suspensions, and other personal protective eq..
$24.20 + gst
Inc. Gst: $27.83
Lens Cleaning Solution, 473ml
Model: B331LCL211BHD
473ml Bottle For polycarbonate, plastic and glass lenses Anti-static, anti-fog fo..
$9.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $10.35
Lens Cleaning Station, Disposable
Model: B331002
Each box contains 600 ( 2x packs of 300) Tissues and a 236ml bottle lens cleaner with spray p..
$16.95 + gst
Inc. Gst: $19.49
Lens Cleaning Towelettes
Model: B331003
Each box contains 100 individually packed, pre-moistened wipes For use on glasses, safe..
$24.20 + gst
Inc. Gst: $27.83
Lens Cleaning Towlettes
Model: B331-LCT200
• Pop-up lens cleaning tissues • Cleans & coats the lens with anti-fog & anti-static ..
$15.95 + gst
Inc. Gst: $18.34
Metal Wall Mounted Cleaning Station
Model: B331LC1776DU
Durable in hot and humid environments Refillable Large metal dispenser contains a..
$148.65 + gst
Inc. Gst: $170.95
Plastic Double Lens Dispenser
Model: B331LC3000D
Plastic Disposable Lens Cleaning station. Contains 236ml bottle of VisionAid Lens Clea..
$21.35 + gst
Inc. Gst: $24.55
Replacement Tissues
Model: B331LC1760
100 lens cleaning tissues to fit Metal Wall Station. ..
$9.20 + gst
Inc. Gst: $10.58
Spray Pump
Model: B331LCLBSP
Spray Pump for Vision Aid 100ml & 450ml bottles: B331LCL211EHD & B331LCL211BHD ..
$6.60 + gst
Inc. Gst: $7.59