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Face Shield

Notification: We are currently out of stock of 'all' styles of face shield.
We are expecting more stock in the coming weeks so please send an inquiry email so we can keep you informed.
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Apex Multi, Face & Ear Protection
Model: APX-05/VA581020/L1H
APX-05 with VA581020 Hi Impact Visor Assembly and L1H Leightning Muffs ..
$206.50 + gst
Inc. Gst: $237.48
Face Shield *IN STOCK*
Model: 510710-BGVC
Note: Stock expected 10-14 April. We are taking back orders for this now. Material: PVC ..
$29.95 + gst
Inc. Gst: $34.44
Model: B56100X
• Approval to: AS/NZS 1337 • Ratchet adjustable head gear • Replacement polycarbonate vis..
$24.20 + gst
Inc. Gst: $27.83
Hi Impact Replacement Visor with Chin Guard
Model: 581006
** Visor Only ** Replacement Visor for B56101X Clear Face Shield with Chin Guard. &n..
$17.95 + gst
Inc. Gst: $20.64
High Impact Replacement Visor
Model: B581020
** Hi Impact Visor Only ** ** To fit 561020 or Purchase Rockman Visor Holder 5110-VH to use w..
$21.55 + gst
Inc. Gst: $24.78
Mesh Visor to fit B5110
Model: B581002
Forestry Visor to fit B5110 hard hat visor holder. 100% Polycarbonate ..
$13.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $14.95
Polycarbonate Shade 5, Welding Visor
Model: TS-VS5
Anti-fog 2mm visor to suit BG and HHBGE Ideally Suited to:  Light oxygen cuttin..
$57.60 + gst
Inc. Gst: $66.24
Tuff-Nut Hard Hat Assembly
Model: TN1-VC
Tuff Nut Vented Hard Hat with PinLock** Viper Earmuffs, Class 5, SLC8026dB Lift-u..
$72.50 + gst
Inc. Gst: $83.38
Tuff-Nut Lift-up Brow Guard
Model: HHBGE
• Lightweight guard will accommodate VS, VC, VS5 and VM visor • Fitted with clicklock cl..
$17.15 + gst
Inc. Gst: $19.72
Tuff-Nut Mesh Visor
Model: TS-VM
• Designed to fit BG or HHBGE visor browguards • Certified by BSI for EN1731 with increa..
$15.95 + gst
Inc. Gst: $18.34
Visor Holder for 113017
Model: B5110-VH/B
Visor holder to fit Rockman Helmet Type Earmuff (113017)  purchase Visor and Earmu..
$15.90 + gst
Inc. Gst: $18.29