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Alcohol Preps
Use for cleaning wounds. Sterile single use. 200 per pack. ..
$16.60 + gst
Inc. Gst: $19.09
Antiseptic Cream with Tea Tree Oil 30 ml Tube
Recommended for the treatment of minor cuts, scrapes, abrasions and insect bites. Tea T..
$8.50 + gst
Inc. Gst: $9.78
Antiseptic Liquid with Tea Tree oil 100ml Spray
Cleanses the wound and helps protect against infection. Can be used directly on the wou..
$9.80 + gst
Inc. Gst: $11.27
Antiseptic Wipes
Use for cleaning scratches and cuts. Individually wrapped for single use. Contain..
$32.63 + gst
Inc. Gst: $37.52
Mediwipes Canister
Special disinfectant solution kills human viruses and makes them ideal for hospitals, clinics..
$27.87 + gst
Inc. Gst: $32.05
Plum Wound Wipe Dispenser
Model: B855551
• Wall hanger with 40 wipes for wound cleansing. • To place as close to the work-place as po..
$32.50 + gst
Inc. Gst: $37.38
Povidone-Iodine Prep Pads
Antiseptic / germicide single use preparation pads. Individually wrapped for single use. ..
$25.00 + gst
Inc. Gst: $28.75
Savlon Anitseptic Cream
Model: SAV30
Use for cuts, scratches, grazes, windburn, sunburn, nappy rash, insect bites, cracking and itch..
$7.70 + gst
Inc. Gst: $8.86
Vetsep Antiseptic Liquid
500ml    $9.70 + gst 1 lt          ..
$9.70 + gst
Inc. Gst: $11.16