Airwing 1 PAPR Unit, with Chameleon 4 Helmet

Airwing 1 PAPR Unit, with Chameleon 4 Helmet
Airwing 1 PAPR Unit, with Chameleon 4 Helmet
Brand: Otos
Product Code: 46PAPR-CHAM
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Air Wing PAPR Powered Air purifying Respirator Unit
Provides Clean Fresh air by Purifying the contaminated outer air and harmful particles, fumes, Odor and applications with respiratory epidemic disease.
Comes assembled in easy storage carry bag.
Replacement parts available
• Odor Filter- Bad odours and smells in the air
• Particulate filter- particular filter welding fumes, respiratory epidemic disease, agri chemicals, etc
• Prefilter- Filtering particles or foreign materials to prolong the particle filter lifetime
• Spark Areestor Filter- Protects unit from sparks during welding or grinding process
• Battery- Standard LI/ION 4 cell 14.8 V-2200MA Lasts 8 hours
• Battery Charger- Input AC 110 V-220 V Output DC 16.8 V/,800MA for standard battery charge
• Replacement hose available
• It takes the outside contaminated air by self power and purifies the air by filter and provides clean air to the worker.
• Suitable for the protection from Aerosol, general particles, the respiratory diseases In case of emergency (Filter blocking , low voltage) it alarms the worker with a signal and vibration. • It protects the eyes and face, providing comfortable breathing compared with a face mask.
• Workplace with general particle, welding, grinding, sanding, painting, chemical, medicine manufacturing and respiratory disease area.


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