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Ladder Grab
The Ballantyne Safety Ladder Grab device comes with tether plate, snatch fastener and carabineer...
Inc. Gst: $160.54
T-Bar Roof Anchor
The Ballantyne Roof Anchors provide a safe secure anchorage point for metal roofing tasks. The Ba..
Inc. Gst: $310.50
Templink 3000, Temporary Anchor
AS/NZS 1891.4 The ultimate, flexible, lightweight anchor ideal for fixing through existing fi..
Inc. Gst: $457.70
Tether Plate 500MM
AS/NZS 1891.3 The Ballantyne Claw Tether Plate provides a diversionary anchorage point for me..
$158.00 $138.00
Inc. Gst: $158.70