Summary of AS4775:2007


  • Flushing fluid shall be tepid (check with medical advisor for optimum temperature)
  • Equipment shall be tested weekly to verify proper operation and inspected annually to assure conformance with AS4775:2007 requirements
  • All emergency equipment needs to be connected to a supply that will allow for a minimum of 15 minutes of operation
  • All emergency equipment is required to be third party certified for compliance to the AS4775:2007 Standard
  • Combination unit components shall be capable of operationg simultaneously

Eye & Eye Face Washes:

  • Eye wash - 1.5 litres per minute
  • Eye/face wash - 11.4 litres per minute
  • Nozzles protected from airborne contaminates
  • Provide flushing fluid to both eyes simultaneously
  • At a velocity low enough to be non-injurious
  • Simple operation - "off to on" in one second or less
  • Height from standing surface 8.8mm to 1143mm
  • Minimum operating pressure - 210kpa
  • Hands-free operation once activated


  • Minimum flow of 75.7 litres per minute
  • Simple operation 0 "off to on" in one second or less
  • Height from standing surface 2083mm to 2438mm
  • Pattern: 508mm diameter at 1524mm above standing surface
  • Centre of spray located 406mm from any obstruction
  • Minimum supply pipe size - 25mm
  • Hands free operation once activated